A legendary organization in the performing arts industry, Columbia Artists is a worldwide leader in artist management. Our managers, producers, and agents serve an unsurpassed roster of top instrumentalists, conductors, opera singers and other vocalists, orchestras, theatrical and musical attractions, and dance ensembles of all kinds. In close collaboration with our clientele, Columbia Artists shapes individual careers and develops national and international touring and performance strategies.

Columbia Artists manages and promotes artist and projects through four key business groups in addition to a bookings department:


Directed by Chairman R. Douglas Sheldon and Senior Vice President Stefana Atlas, the Classical Music group focuses on managing the careers of classical musicians, conductor, music directors, and international touring orchestras, as well as career development projects throughout the global market.


Directed by President and CEO Tim Fox with Senior Vice President and COO Alison Williams and Vice President Emily Yoon, the Performing Arts Touring and Events group is active in the development of new programs for orchestras that feature popular music in performance, including rock and pop musicians, Broadway and Hollywood, and other popular and non–traditional symphonic repertoire, including live–to–screen concert events such as Disney feature films and animated classics.


Columbia Artists continues to nurture and further the careers of singers in the international opera market through its Opera Vocal group, led by Vice Presidents Michael Benchetrit, Damon Bristo and William Guerri.


Directed by President Gary McAvay, the Columbia Artists Theatricals group continues to acquire, manage and distribute branded theatrical properties capable of moving among the week–long, split–week and one–nighter markets, and works closely with an international roster of artists, producers, managers, agents, venues and presenters to deliver hundreds of performances each year.


A six–member team of in–house booking agents represents the firm's roster of artists and touring projects with North American performing arts centers, concert halls, orchestras, and commercial promoters: Vice President Alicia Horwitz (National Booking Director and Southeast U.S.); Mark Z. Alpert (Northeastern U.S.& Canada); Leah Keith (Midwest & Mid–Atlantic U.S.); Jacob Kinderman (Midwest U.S.); Pamela McKean (Northeastern U.S.); and Jacob Rosenblum (Western U.S.). 

Today’s Columbia Artists merges the historic organization’s founding principles of creativity, innovation, integrity, and passion for excellence with a contemporary team–oriented approach and collaboration–first business practices. This guiding philosophy empowers Columbia Artists’ managers, producers, and agents to continue to shape individual artist careers and develop national and international touring and live performance strategies, and further the organization as a global leader in arts management.