Columbia Artists Signs Singer-Songwriter Gabriel Royal
November 16, 2017

Columbia Artists
Columbia Artists 
Welcomes Gabriel Royal
Oklahoma-born, Brooklyn-based thirty-something singer-songwriter and cellist, Gabriel Royal plays his 'grown up lullabies' in the subway stations of New York City. That's where he found his lawyer, his manager, his cello and where he continues to find a genuine connection with his inspiration: the commuters of New York. Influenced and inspired by Stevie Wonder’s groove and Burt Bacharach's jazzy yet poppy sensitivities, along with other contemporary artists such as John Legend, Flying Lotus, James Blake, Janelle Monae and Thundercat, Gabriel’s trademark sound is all his own. Available now for engagements worldwide.

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Columbia Artists
5 Columbus Circle @ 1790 Broadway 16th FL
New York, NY 10019 | 212-841-9500
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