Women of the World Spotlight - A Cappella Live!
April 25, 2019

Columbia Artists
A Cappella Live!
Featuring Women of the World
This a cappella ensemble is as impressive as it gets. Women of the World is an award-winning international a cappella quartet that performs original and traditional folk music with a contemporary twist, in 32 languages! The four singers represent Japan, Italy, India, and USA (by way of Haiti). Their performances are truly enlightening, engaging and uplifting – it is guaranteed that you will walk out of the concert hall feeling completely revitalized after their show. Despite differences in their upbringing, language, religion, ethnicity, food, and music, this showstopping group is bound by one unique desire: to explore sounds, rhythms, and musical vocabulary from all over the world.  
“By making music together, we have made beautiful friendship. In this spirit, we celebrate the beauty of diversity. We sing for not just tolerance, but wisdom, respect, and joy.
We, as Women of the World, believe in the power of music.
We believe in our bond. We believe in peace.”
See Women of the World in A Cappella Live! on tour with Blake Lewis, The Filharmonic, and Committed in Spring 2020. Limited routed dates still available.
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