Tan Dun

Composer & Conductor

“All standing ovations at classical concerts are not equal. They can be spontaneous expressions of delight, dutiful exercises of obligation or nothing more than a reverse domino that begins when the guy in front of you stands. But when a piece of music reminds you of what is important in life you sometimes stand as a reaction to awe. That felt the rare case at Walt Disney Concert Hall on Friday night after the U.S. premiere of Tan Dun’s 'Buddha Passion.' "
The Los Angeles Times

"Theatrical [and] ritualistic, Tan Dun's music sculpts sound and transforms everything into a riveting experience that is hard to define but very easy to appreciate."
The Los Angeles Times

"[Tan Dun’s] music — which at one moment is as tonal as Beethoven and as melodic as Gershwin and the next delves into sounds that, before Cage, were considered mere noise — reveals a remarkable range of influences, from Chinese folk song to the Internet."
UT San Diego

"Tan Dun's Marco Polo was, for me, a multi-dimensional experience which went beyond my expectations and indeed overwhelmed my senses.... Here was an opera for our generation."
Le Bon Journal


The world renowned artist Tan Dun, following in the footsteps of his musical icons composer and conductor’s Mahler and Bernstein, has made an indelible mark on the world's music scene with a creative repertoire that spans the boundaries of art. A winner of today's most prestigious honors including the Grammy Award, Oscar/Academy Award, Grawemeyer Award for classical composition, Musical America's Composer of The Year, Bach Prize and Shostakovich Award, Tan Dun's music has been played throughout the world by leading orchestras, opera houses, international festivals, and on the radio . . .

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