Kiera Duffy

— Soprano

"The highlight of the evening was Kiera Duffy. On her Cleveland Orchestra debut, the American soprano gave a stunning performance of "Exsultate, jubilate." Mozart cuts his singer no slack here, stocking the solo motet with a daunting slate of intricate passage-work, wide leaps, and lengthy trills. Duffy was equal to it all."
Zachary Lewis, The Plain Dealer, February 15, 2019 - Soprano Soloist with The Cleveland Orchestra

“And she [Mazzoli] found an astounding singer: Kiera Duffy, who gave one of the greatest performances I have seen in the opera house in the past 20 years, maybe more. Duffy rolled back time to become what great opera singers are supposed to be but usually aren’t now—an unforgettable embodiment of profound emotion through music. I doubt the audience at this world premiere understood that Duffy was giving an archetypal performance of tremendous authority, accomplishment, and profundity in something new. She was the great singer as both creator and servant without whom an opera can’t work.”
Parterre Box - Bess McNeill in 'Breaking the Waves' at Opera Philadelphia

“But the sound that underlaid the whole evening's success was the enduring purity of Duffy's soprano, soaring on high. Duffy offered dead-on attacks on many stratospheric phrases, uncanny ease at alternating low-voiced parlando passages as her internalized Voice of God, and accuracy in sounding peculiar intervals.”
David Shengold, Opera News - Bess McNeill in 'Breaking the Waves' at Opera Philadelphia

“Angelica is a flashy “bad girl” part with lots of virtuoso music, which Ms. Duffy dispatched exuberantly.”
James Jorden, New York Observer, Angelica in Orlando at the WhiteboxLab

“After intermission, Mr. Levine led the soprano Kiera Duffy in Schoenberg’s groundbreaking “Pierrot Lunaire,” a seminal work of the 20th century that uses Sprechstimme, a declamatory, singsong, half-spoken, half-sung vocal technique. Ms. Duffy proved a characterful narrator as she relayed the vast emotional terrain of the cycle, from moonlit musings to terror-stricken wanderings.”
Vivien Schweitzer, New York Times, Pierrot Lunaire at Carnegie Hall with James Levine and MET Chamber Ensemble

“The remarkable singing actress Kiera Duffy made an evocative and compelling recitant – intoning, whispering, gasping, sighing and shrieking the jagged intervals with a cool, crystalline soprano, accurate of pitch and immaculate of diction.”
John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune, Pierrot Lunaire with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra


American soprano Kiera Duffy is recognized for both her gleaming high soprano and insightful musicianship in repertoire that encompasses Handel, Bach, and Mozart to the modern sounds of Berg, Glass, and Zorn.

This season, Kiera Duffy debuts with the Cleveland Orchestra in Mozart’s Exsultate, jubilate conducted by Harry Bicket and returns to the Los Angeles Philharmonic for Knussen’s “O Hototogisu! fragment of a Japonisme” conducted by Daniela Harding. Last season, she appeared with the Berlin Philharmonic as Le Feu/Princesse in L’enfant et les sortilèges, soprano soloist in Messiah with . . .

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