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Scharoun Ensemble Berlin

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“…an insightful, elegant and robust performance.”
New York Times

“…unique understanding and work with equivalent instrumental mastery.”
Berliner Morgenpost

“Every moment offered something to savour.”
The Irish Times

“The Scharoun Ensemble Berlin gave a contemporary nod to classical chamber music, which left the audience, who gave a standing ovation suited for an outstanding performance, in awe.”
Daily Sundial

"...playing with impeccable intonation and technical polish, from the tense introduction to its dramatic finish."
The Washington Post


The Scharoun Ensemble Berlin was founded in 1983 by members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The name of the architect Hans Scharoun (1893-1972) is inextricably linked with the Berlin Philharmonie, his greatest work. This concert hall has set standards worldwide, creating a space for making music in the spirit of tradition and experimentation in order to promote human communication and understanding. In honouring the legacy of Hans Scharoun, the eight musicians express an artistic self-concept which reflects their commitment to both the heritage of the past and the challenges of the present . . .

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  • Manager: Tim Fox
    Management Territory: USA

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