Anne-Sophie Mutter & The Mutter Virtuosi

"Anne-Sophie Mutter launched her European Tour in Hannover, with her hand-selected chamber ensemble, "Mutter's Virtuosi...Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's Octet cannot be played more flowingly nor more supplely."

"Mutter and her youthful troop of proteges...an exciting evening in the Alte Oper Frankfurt."
Klaus Achermann, Offenbach-Post


The Mutter Virtuosi is a string orchestra made up of young foundation scholars and professional string players who are alumni of the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation, a foundation for the development of global support for young, talented string soloists founded in Munich in 1997. Ms. Mutter has over the years frequently performed concerts with the foundation’s scholarship students to introduce them to the life of a professional musician and to a broad audience. Since 2011 she has expanded that activity with the formation of The Mutter Virtuosi for touring projects.

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