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Ignat Solzhenitsyn

— Piano

Mostly this technically daunting sonata is wild and raucous, with arm-blurring octaves and steely bursts of thick, dissonant chords, culminating in what could be a perpetual-motion toccata. Mr. Solzhenitsyn played with fearlessness and command.
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

Solzhenitsyn is a musician's musician and a pianist's pianist […] The Mozart was breathtaking […] The performance was immaculately detailed, with beautiful tone, utterly transparent in voicing. It was some of the most beautiful and intelligent Mozart this listener has ever heard.
Michael Manning, Boston Globe

His technical prowess is astonishing - especially in the fiendish variations designed for two harpsichord keyboards on which a single piano entail a dizzying amount of hand-crossing... Most haunting of all, in a way, was the final return of the Aria, now enfused with a bittersweet air of nostalgia for the entire journey we had just traversed. The notes were the same, but the difference in spirit was extraordinarily moving.
Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle


Recognized as one of today's most gifted artists, and enjoying an active career as both pianist and conductor, Ignat Solzhenitsyn's lyrical and poignant interpretations have won him critical acclaim throughout the world.

In recent seasons, his extensive touring schedule in the United States and Europe has included concerto performances with numerous major orchestras, including those of Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Seattle, Baltimore, Washington, Montreal, Toronto, London, Paris, Israel . . .

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