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Musics by Frank Zappa: Orchestra En Regalia

Featuring live symphony orchestra

Frank [Zappa] is a genius. That’s a word I don’t use often…in Frank’s case, it is not too strong…He is extremely literate musically. I’m not sure if the general public knows that...He’s not really pop, but he’s a pop star; he didn’t really do rock, but he’s still a rock star, he’s not really jazz either, but he’s still surrounded by jazz musicians. In the end, he wasn’t really a ‘serious composer’ but he studied the works of Nicols Slonimsky, Edgard Varese, etc. You can’t really put him in any category.
Kent Nagano, Music Director of the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal

To me, Frank Zappa is the quintessential postmodern composer…He knows an incredible amount of music from all genres, and appropriated everything he was interested in into his art, creating amazing musical collages that destroyed all of the barriers between jazz, classical and pop – and between high and low art.
Dave Morgan quoted from "Downbeat" by Geoffrey Himes

Zappa is essentially a storyteller who loves to show what he evokes, and his music uses every possible color and every imaginable texture to put into sound the poetic fictions dictated by his imagination (keep in mind that the composer always worked with his own texts, whether as unbridled with text as it was with music).
"La Scena" by Réjean Beaucage


Perhaps Zappa is best described in his own words, from The Real Frank Zappa Book:

“One day I happened across an article about Sam Goody’s record store in Look magazine which raved about what a wonderful merchandizer he was. The writer said that Mr. Goody could sell anything—and as an example he mentioned that he had even managed to sell an album called Ionisation.

The article went on to say something like: ‘This album is nothing but drums—it’s dissonant and terrible; the worst music in the world’ Ahh! Yes! That’s for me!”
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