Thiago Tiberio

“His thorough preparation, respectful interaction, and supportive and encouraging attitude... made for enjoyable and productive work, and by the concert Thiago had developed a close connection with the players... he is an energetic, hard-working and determined musician, but he is also elegant, warm, and genuine.”
Stephen Feldman, Principal Cellist, Conway Symphony Orchestra

“It doesn’t hurt to remember the obvious: Thiago Tiberio is a genius maestro, at times reminding us of Leonard Bernstein without being an imitation. Bravíssimo, caro!”
O Último Baile dos Guermantes

"It’s rare to meet someone who is as competent and special as Thiago... his orchestrations were always very well crafted... on the podium, the musicians respond to him intuitively, musically, and he is so clear, fast, and accurate with the orchestra... add his diplomatic prowess, and it just combines into a great person.”
Tim Starnes, Music Editor and Recording Engineer

“He is a very passionate, detail-oriented musician... he has an amazing ear, is a hard worker, and is very professional... whoever is interested in creating a high-quality product, he is the guy for it—no doubt about it!”
Leonardo Rodriguez, filmmaker


A young and energetic new talent with a budding international career, maestro Thiago Tiberio is often praised by his peers for mature musicianship, clarity of expression, and accurate technique.

A multifaceted musician, his classical, operatic, and film music career includes work with orchestras in Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Australia, Switzerland, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and the United States.

His latest accolades include a concert of "Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony" with Neojiba Youth Orchestra, hailed by critics as “genius . . .

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    • Thiago Tiberio
      Thiago Tiberio
    • Thiago Tiberio
      Thiago Tiberio