Danny Elfman, Classical Commissions

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra “Eleven Eleven”
The Berlin Philharmonic Piano Quartet

"I need to push myself into new territory with fresh challenges as much as I can and whenever I can. I am told I have a recognizable style but my greatest pleasure is when I can surprise the audience with my music."
Danny Elfman


Concerto for Violin and Orchestra “Eleven Eleven” composed by Danny Elfman:

World Premiere: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Violinist Sandy Cameron
Conducted by John Mauceri
Smetana Hall, Prague

Concerto for Violin & Orchestra "Eleven Eleven" was jointly commissioned by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Stanford Live, Stanford University and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

“I’m aiming for a concept with it that’s very tricky. To answer the question is it possible to write challenging orchestra music that’s not alienating to someone who listens to film . . .

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