Elias Grandy

General Music Director of the Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra Heidelberg

“Elias Grandy … interprets the music with sensitivity, an assured sense of style, and differentiation.”
Detlef Brandenburg, Die Deutsche Bühne

"What Elias Grandy and his orchestra tease out this opera of operas [Don Giovanni], cleans the ears in breathtaking ways and allows us to hear Mozart’s music in completely new ways. Grandy sharpens the dynamic contrasts, sets brisk tempi, emphasizes the woodwind colors, whips the finale forward at a furiously tearing pace, lets the trombones charge bloodcurlingly during Don Giovanni’s descent to hell, and doesn’t even shy away from sheer stillness."
Uwe Schweikert, Opernwelt

“Heidelberg’s music director Elias Grandy created true Mozart miracles.”
Rainer Köhl, Badische Neueste Nachrichten

“The excellently disposed Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra under its director Elias Grandy makes shimmering bands of sound appear from the pit, with instrumental colors changing dramatically as in a light show.”
Kerstin Holm, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Elias Grandy attracted worldwide attention in 2015 with his prize-winning performance at the Sir Georg Solti International Conductors’ Competition. He has since underlined his status among the leading conductors of his generation with outstanding performances in Heidelberg, and as conductor of “Stars von Morgen”, a prime time TV music show hosted by Rollando Vilazon on the German/French channel Arte.

Grandy became General Music Director of the Theater and Orchestra of Heidelberg with the 2015/2016 season. His artistry, driven by irresistible energy and profound musicianship, continues to bring fresh life and inspire . . .

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