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Circus: Wandering City

Presented by ETHEL

“Extraordinarily skilled, passionate musicians.”
The New York Times

“A breath of fresh air.”
The Washington Post

“Vital and brilliant."
The New Yorker

“They own their music, and when they want it to roar, they roar.”
LA Times

“An incredibly imaginative creation… an extraordinary docu-music-theater experience.”
Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“Played to perfection… carried off with the precision of a swiss watch."
Florida’s YourObserver.com


They flip, fly, and walk tightropes—then pack up, move on, and do it all over again. In Circus: Wandering City, the adventurous string quartet ETHEL pays tender tribute to the culture that sustained the “Greatest Show on Earth,” which took down its tent for good last year. Commissioned by, and using the vast resources of, The John and Mable Ringling Museum—including firsthand accounts from contemporary circus performers and archival imagery—the ensemble performs its original score, diving into an overlooked, long stigmatized, and largely immigrant American subculture . . .

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