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Red Roses, Green Gold

“Red Roses Green Gold is a fun, engaging show, a long, strange trip well worth taking!”
Asbury Park Press

“Deadheads, be grateful!”
NY Times

“Thrilling! An absolute must see!”
Broadway Box

“The versatile musical talents of the performers, who go effortlessly from one instrument to another while singing full-out, plus the vivacious arrangements by Jeff Chimenti, are simply jaw-dropping!”

“This new musical is unquestionably a shout-out to all Deadheads to revel in a cascade of songs from the enormously popular canon of the Grateful Dead”
Curtain Up Review


Red Roses, Green Gold brings the songs of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter to the stage. This new musical set in 1920s Cumberland tells the fantastical and comical tale of Jackson Jones and his family of swindlers as they gamble their way to love and riches.