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McDuffie might have been the night's biggest delight because the extent of his playing was unexpected. The internationally renowned violinist - a Macon native who has performed with nearly every major orchestra in existence - almost caused the grown men in the crowd to weep with his visceral playing. Whether duetting with Leavell on the latter's "Southscape" or soloing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, McDuffie mesmerized.
Atlanta Journal Constitution, Celebrating Georgia with Chuck Leavell and Greg Allman at Atlanta Symphony Hall

[McDuffie plays with] emotional spontaneity, imperturbable virtuosity and an ever-sweet tone.
- Los Angeles Times


Commemorating over 20 years of partnership, violinist Bobby McDuffie and pianist Robert Spano jubilantly take the stage to celebrate the work of Beethoven, Brahms and legendary American contemporary composer, John Corigliano. Spano is excited to step off the podium and sit down at the piano following his transformative 20 year tenure as music director at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Both performers have profoundly advocated for American music in concert halls throughout their careers, and are thrilled to continue their passion for contemporary, romantic, and classical music alike together on this one . . .

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