Joe Hisaishi

"Hisaishi stepped on stage. The warmth of his welcome from wildly applauding concertgoers was almost deafening. He raised his arms to conduct the first work – a compilation of music from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. The music, original orchestration, and direction of this event was all under the watch of Hisaishi – we could feel that this was truly his show tonight and a celebration of his life’s achievements. "
Cut Common


While at Kunitachi College of Music, Joe Hisaishi discovered his passion for the musical movement of Minimalism, and began his career as a composer of contemporary music and film scores. His first album, MKWAJU, was released in 1981, with Information being released a year later. After that, with albums including Piano Stories, My Lost City, Etude: a Wish to the Moon, Asian X.T.C, and Another Piano Story: End of the World among others, he has established his own style for composing and performing . . .

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