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Trio Concert Dance

Alessandra Ferri - Herman Cornejo - Bruce Levingston

"An absorbing evening in the company of three masterful performers ... classy, unsensational, grown-up and very beautiful."
Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian


Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alessandra Ferri, star of the Royal Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre, and La Scala Theatre Ballet, unites with American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Herman Cornejo and renowned pianist Bruce Levingston to collaborate on a wholly unique artistic experience.

Trio Concert Dance is a thoughtful expression of the encounter between music and dance. Helmed by Ferri, legendary veteran of a 27-year ballet career, Trio Concert Dance sets groundbreaking standards and possibilities for the physicality and musicality of expression and art.

The stirring interplay between sound . . .

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