Aprile Millo

— Soprano

"Aprile Millo attracts the eye inexorably, as if by ocular magnet. There is something epic in her movements, an unabashed grandeur. The voice glows rich and red like a ruby...."
The London Times

"Millo is the high priestess of that old time operatic religion, she brought the audience to a footstomping, cheering frenzy."

"The audience reaction was explosive; I was half-prepared for a frenzied rush to the stage at her curtain calls....a white-hot, electrifying performance by Millo !!!"
Brian Kellow for Opera News


Aprile Millo holds the distinction of being considered today's true Verdi soprano. Critics worldwide have confirmed this unique position comparing her to such legendary artists as Renata Tebaldi, Claudia Muzio, Zinka Milanov, and Maria Callas for her seamless legato, Italianate color and beauty of voice wed to dramatic commitment.

One critic wrote of a recital in Spain: “There is no mistaking the real thing. Millo is all about communication, immediate and intense, a beguiling mix of the spiritual and the carnal...Breathtaking piani and gorgeous sounds . . .

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