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Maurizio Pollini

— Piano

“…Pollini pushed the music ahead with a bracing urgency; the poetic, quietly rhapsodic aspect of the music is so pronounced that Pollini hardly needed to pronounce it. Rather, he let this quality emerge while emphasizing other unfamiliar but deeply authentic elements.”
The New Yorker

"With a gentle, rocking breeze in the left hand and a dreaming melody on top, Pollini’s rendition was spellbinding, exquisitely placing each phrase and finally finding enough comfort in his fingers to reel off the scales in glowing cascades."
New York Classical

"Mr. Pollini was especially masterly during the elusive first movement, which shifts between impassioned episodes — with a stirring melody in chords over an onrushing left-hand accompaniment — and passages of tender poignancy. He brought brio, with a touch of impish wildness, to the second movement, a march, and magisterial lyricism to the slow, melancholic final movement...all-Chopin second half...Pollini showed Italianate sensitivity...was daringly alert to the turbulent elements...ended with a rhapsodic, glistening account of the Scherzo No. 3....all impressively performed.
Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

"You will have to live a long life to hear Chopin of such deilcate, jeweled transparency in concert."
The Boston Musical Intelligencer

"Pianist Maurizio Pollini's mastery is beyond reproach..."
The Washington Post


A paragon of virtuosity and musical excellence, Maurizio Pollini’s position among the top instrumental soloists in the world has been secure for nearly a generation. Since winning the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition in 1960, Mr. Pollini’s extensive international concert schedule regularly takes him to all the major musical centers of Europe, America and Asia.


  • Manager: Tim Fox
    Management Territory: North America

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