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Philippe Entremont

— Piano

"Pianist Philippe Entremont gave a colorful and richly textured recital of works by Debussy and Ravel on Sunday evening at the National Gallery of Art. The septuagenarian, whose dexterous hands constantly swept the keyboard, seemed as if he could have played for hours. It was that ease of pianism that made his performance especially appealing. The difficulty of playing the piano music of these two composers lies not so much in the technical demands of their works as in the delicate balance of conveying specific moods or scenes while maintaining a steady pulse. Entremont, who kept an even keel throughout his performance, excelled at the task."
Washington Post

"His readings of both orchestral pieces were full of power and sweep, but just as importantly he paid loving attention to the details. The ensemble playing was expertly calibrated, accents were vigorously marked and the crescendos and decrescendos were sculpted with absolute craftsmanship." - John Pitcher
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper

"Entremont's presence on stage conveys a quiet assurance. There's no extraneous movement to detract from the music, which seems to flow from his almost motionless body through his powerful, relaxed arms, to his fingers, which seemed to float over the keys - as if he and the piano are one organic whole. The instrument, which is basically percussive, becomes a living, lyrical entity under his delicate, subtle touch." - Earl Cunningham
Palm Beach Daily News


The exceptional career of Philippe Entremont began at the age of eighteen when he came to international attention with his great success at New York’s Carnegie Hall playing Jolivet’s piano concerto and Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1. Since then, he has pursued a top international career as a pianist, and for the last 30 years, on the podium as well.

Philippe Entremont, in the 2013-2014 season, guest conducted European and American orchestras as well as performed numerous piano and chamber music concerts. He also toured the Vienna Concert-Verein . . .

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