Danny Elfman's Music from the Films of Tim Burton

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    “Something special happened in the old Hall… It was easy to see and feel that unique, timeless connection between music and storytelling that can often be over-done or drift off insignificantly into the background… A truly tremendous evening and celebration… Art at its finest.”
    The Hollywood News

    A two-time Emmy-winning production, DANNY ELFMAN’S MUSIC FROM THE FILMS OF TIM BURTON is a live concert spectacular. Featuring legendary composer Danny Elfman’s celebrated film scores—brought to life on stage by a full choir and orchestra—and enhanced by visionary Hollywood filmmaker Tim Burton’s stunning visuals, including his original sketches, drawings, and film clips, rendered in exquisite detail on the big screen. From the three-decades-long partnership of two of Hollywood’s top artists, DANNY ELFMAN’S MUSIC FROM THE FILMS OF TIM BURTON is a beloved exploration of the collaboration between music and storytelling in film.


    “… This concert was impeccable. The projections added so much to the performance, brining Tim Burton’s presence into the venue… the performance itself, in all respects, could not have been any better… Those three long standing ovations made it very clear what the audience thought. I have no doubt that every one of them would love a repeat performance.”
    “As imaginative and inspiring as Tim Burton himself, this exquisite performance of Danny Elfman’s genius at the Royal Albert Hall is dramatic storytelling in its purest form… Utterly evocative from the outset—chilling, rousing, innocent, and epic—Elfman has the incredible ability to bring Tim Burton’s pictures to unique and individual life through music.”
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