Dizzy Gillespie: The Symphony Sessions

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“Dizzy Gillespie… [hovers] benevolently over Symphony Hall as a passel of his most distinguished apprentices take the stage.”
The Boston Globe

Dizzy Gillespie commissioned scores from some of his favorite arrangers for Symphony Orchestra and created brilliant music with orchestras internationally until the end of his life in 1993.

Today, Dizzy’s virtuosic symphony arrangements are available to orchestras in “Dizzy Gillespie: The Symphony Sessions”, which features a quartet of soloists comprised of members and alumni of The Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Band.

The scores are the perfect fusion of jazz and classical, allowing the soloists to integrate within the orchestral arrangement and improvise in an exciting way. This is the legacy Dizzy would have wanted—and a living tribute from the many extraordinary musicians in this group who exemplify his style, range, passion, and commitment.