I'm Not A Comedian... I'm Lenny Bruce

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  • Gary McAvay
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    “Lenny Bruce is still talking dirty”
    New York Times

    This look at the life and battles of the most groundbreaking and impactful comedian of all time, Lenny Bruce, includes many of Bruce's original comedic routines and insights from his own writing and draws from his many court battles championing the freedom of speech. It is all masterfully woven together by the show's creator and star, Ronnie Marmo, and expertly directed by Tony Award-winning stage actor, film and television star Joe Mantegna.

    The show takes audiences back to the 1950s and 60s and immerses them in a time gone by and the world of Lenny Bruce, the man responsible for...

    “Actor Ronnie Marmo, in the one man exploration of Lenny Bruce, “I’m not a comedian, I’m Lenny Bruce” is a force of volcanic proportions. I was riveted by Ronnie and moved by Bruce’s tragic life. I went home and googled all the players in Lenny Bruce’s life. It had such an impact on me.”
    Patti LuPone
    “What powers the play is not only the inherent drama, of tragic proportions, in Bruce’s life but also Marmo’s flawless embodiment of the man. There’s never a moment when we doubt the person before is the smart tormented Bruce come to life.”
    LA Weekly
    “We are actually watching Bruce resurrected”
    Theater Mania
    “This perfectly inflected performance is expertly directed by actor Mantegna who, through long time collaboration with David Mamet, knows a thing or two about four letter eloquence.”
    Los Angeles Times (Critics Choice)