Gary McAvay
North America
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“…wise and revealing…” “Jeff McCarthy seduces his audience. Mr. McCarthy has the Kunstler style down pat, with disheveled gray hair, eyeglasses worn most often on the top of his head and a demeanor that seems to say, I don’t have to try very hard to be brilliant and adorable.”
Anita Gates, New York Times

Aging courtroom warrior William Kunstler strides through a crowd of protesters to defend his record of radical lawyering, confronting a not entirely supportive law student named Kerry assigned to introduce him. As Kunstler tells his tale, she challenges his recent choices and behavior, building to an impassioned confrontation between the two of them. The audience is cast as the student audience he is addressing in 1995. The warts -and-all intermissionless show is a rousing affirmation of the adventure of political engagement. Kunstler family, colleagues, and clients have embraced the play enthusiastically.

Jeffrey Sweet’s drama revisits the legacy of the Sixties,...

“Timely and captivating. Kunstler [is] a compelling portrayal of the high profile trial lawyer William Kunstler. Superb staging. Jeff McCarthy's stunning performance brings William Kunstler, and his bombastic personality to life right before your eyes.”
Marina Kennedy, Broadway World
“Powerful and funny ... a passionate biography of a legal titan ... [Jeff McCarthy's performance [is] deeply satisfying. With a spray of silver hair, sweaty brow and glasses usually perched atop his head, Kunstler stalks the stage.”
Steve Barnes, Albany Times Union