Romeros Tour with Isabel Leonard


  • Tim Fox
  • Nathan Wentworth
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    North America
    “[Isabel Leonard] was a major reason to be there. Her deeply-colored Latin tone eloquently lined up behind the lyrics.”
    David Patrick Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer - Maria in 'West Side Story' at the Philadelphia Orchestra

    The Romeros 60th Anniversary tour featuring Isabel Leonard

    Sixty years after walking onto the world stage as the first classical guitar quartet, The Romeros continue to be a veritable institution in the world of classical music, dazzling countless audiences and winning the raves of reviewers worldwide. Joining the ensemble in celebrating their anniversary is the multiple Grammy Award-winning mezzo-soprano, Isabel Leonard. Together, Leonard and The Romeros will travel across North America performing works by Fredrico Garcia Lorca, Lorenzo Palomo, and Manuel de Falla, and will also be premiering "La Cita” by Douglas Cuomo.

    “Guardians of the Holy Grail of the Classical Guitar. What the Three Tenors are to the world of opera, The Romeros are to the classical guitar.”
    Leipzig Volkszeitung after a performance at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany
    “Collectively, they [The Romeros] are the only classical guitar quartet of real stature in the world today; in fact, they virtually invented the format.”
    The New York Times