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“It's like a Beyoncé concert.”
The New York Times
“They Killed It!”

Syncopated Ladies is a Female Tap Dance Band from Los Angeles, CA created by Emmy Award nominated tap dancer and choreographer, Chloe Arnold, protege of Debbie Allen.

Syncopated Ladies' viral videos have amassed over 50 million views. They have worked with Mega Star Beyonce, FOX's So You Think You Can Dance as the winner of the first dance crew battle, performed on Good Morning America, at the US OPEN, and have also performed to sold-out audiences in their full-length concert, "Syncopated Ladies: Live"

Touring 2020-2021, Syncopated Ladies: Live is a ground-breaking All-Female Tap production that propels beautiful, classy, and diverse women onto a re-invigorated stage, weaving their inspiring stories with intricate footwork, feminine prowess, and life-renewing energy.

Dancing to today’s cutting edge music, from Pop to Hip-hop to Salsa, and even a couple tear jerking Ballads, Syncopated Ladies: Live is electrifying, stirring, and energizing, a nonstop action-filled show featuring a band of critically acclaimed musicians and vocalists.