Vadim Repin


Martin Wittenberg
North America
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A violinist of the highest caliber, whose musical sensitivity matches his immaculate technique.
The Seattle Times, by Bernard Jacobson

Fiery passion with impeccable technique, poetry and sensitivity are Vadim Repin’s trademarks. Born in Siberia in 1971, Vadim Repin was eleven when he won the gold medal in all age categories in the Wienawski Competition and gave his recital debuts in Moscow and St Petersburg. At 14 he made his debuts in Tokyo, Munich, Berlin, Helsinki; a year later in Carnegie Hall. At 17 he was the youngest ever winner of the Reine Elisabeth Concours.

Since then he has performed with all the world’s greatest orchestras and conductors. Among the highlights of his career in the past few seasons have...

The solo part's [in James MacMillan's new Violin Concerto] torrential flurries and sweetly spun melodies are custom fitted to a virtuoso like Mr. Repin, to whom the work is dedicated... Mr. Repin's unshakeable bravura and the orchestra's magnificent playing made a compelling case for it. Audience response was rousing and sustained.
The New York Times, by Steve Smith
Vadim Repin is able to make the insanely difficult look everyday, It’s also a piece [Debussy’s s Violin Sonata in G minor] that enabled Repin to show why he's in a sparsely-occupied category of musicians: it's not just his technical ability, of being able to move his fingers from lighting-fast from low on the G string to playing octaves on the E, but of being able to dig deep into the subcontext of a piece and identify its ethos.
Toronto Examiner, by Christina Strynatka