Boston is On Board with The 7 Fingers' PASSENGERS


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Congratulations to The 7 Fingers on the US Premiere of PASSENGERS, touring in 2021.

"In captivating ‘Passengers,’ this train is bound for glory"
-Boston Globe, 2019

"The Future of the Circus."
-The Harvard Crimson

"The 7 Fingers achieves what most contemporary circus acts can only dream of — the fusion of mass entertainment and intellectual exploration."
-The Bay State Banner

"With Passengers, The 7 Fingers has truly put the ‘art’ in circus arts."
-The Theatre Mirror

"This acrobatic, theatrical, dance/musical/play of a contemporary circus performance was like nothing I have seen before."
-City Living

"A self-contained world filled with imagination and possibility, one that is by turns charming and poignant, exciting and ruminative."
-The Arts Fuse

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