Columbia Artists Welcomes Lead Singer and Violinist of "Time for Three," Charles Yang


Charles Yang hero

Columbia Artists is thrilled to announce the representation of violinist Charles Yang.

Yang, a recipient of the 2018 Leonard Bernstein Award, has been described by the Boston Globe as one who “plays classical violin with the charisma of a rock star." He graduated from the Juilliard School and has since studied with world-renowned pedagogues. He has performed as a soloist with orchestras and in recitals around the globe.

He is the newest member of the genre-defying trio, Time for Three. Not only confined to classical violin, his improvisational crossover abilities as a violinist, electric violinist, and vocalist have led him to featured performances with a variety of artists. The Texas Observer has noted that “Mr. Yang is a true crossover artist, a pioneer who can hop between classical and popular music and bring fresh ideas to fans of both genres."

"...Yang, who was as adept at improvising blues on his fiddle as carving out note - perfect classical."
-The Austin Chronicle

“A new 'bad boy' has emerged in classical music.”

“His effortless, immaculate technique supported sweet toned, beautiful phrases… He’s a natural showman and isn’t afraid to try things.”
-The Daily Gazette

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